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Olympic Lifting | Quickly Master The Olympic Lifts For Explosive Power

To All Athletes And Serious Fitness Buffs…

Who Else Wants The Explosive Power And
Ripped Physique One Of My  Pro

If you like watching sports and admire the strength and power required to perform at the highest level, then now is your chance to master 2 fundamental exercises with a step-by-step training system used with top MMA fighters and elite athletes.

From: Pro Strength and Conditioning Coach Eric Wong

Have you ever wondered what makes an athlete powerful and explosive?

How do they train to create a body that not only turns heads, but performs like a high octane supercar?

Well they certainly don’t train the same way most people do in the gym…

In fact, they do the complete opposite.

While most people perform countless reps of bicep curls and leg presses, top athletes use intense full body exercises that yield incredible results in less time.

They use Olympic Lifts.

If you’re new to Olympic lifts, but are interested in learning how to master them so you can take your body and workouts to a new and exciting level, then you and I will become fast friends.

My name is Eric Wong and I’m a coach to MMA fighters including UFC fighters Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek and UFC-vet Jeff Joslin (pictured above), as well as other pro and amateur mixed martial arts fighters.

The Olympic Lifts Are A Powerful Tool In My Exercise Toolbox

That I Use To Make My Fighters More Explosive And Athletic

Over the years, I’ve had to develop and refine a brain-dead simple, step-by-step method to teach these knuckleheads how to properly execute the lifts. Let’s face it – if you’re getting punched in the head on a regular basis, you need things to be as easy as possible. 😛

Now, I know what it’s like to lack confidence in your technique…

When I first started learning the lifts, I scoured the internet, watched dozens of random YouTube videos and practiced in the gym.

But I found I was beating my body up and I was never confident that my form was good.

Maybe not as bad as this poor dude:

Olympic Lifting Accident

… but my thumbs/wrists were sore and my shoulders were achy.

I kept at it because doing these exercises is bad ass. But there are a lot of benefits to doing these exercises other than the badassery.

“I Don’t Want To Be A Competitive Weightlifter,
Why Should I Use The Olympic Lifts?”

The most obvious benefit to using the Olympic lifts is the development of explosive power.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know this.

But even I was surprised when I read a 2005 study by Tricoli et al that showed…

… an Olympic lifting based program produced a greater increase in vertical jump, compared to a jump-specific program!

Here are the actual results from the study:

Olympic Lifting Study Results

Olympic lifters are known to have crazy hops, as you can see in the picture to the right.

But even I wouldn’t have guessed an Olympic lifting based program would beat a vertical jump specific program for increasing this important measure of explosive power.

Now, aside from explosive power development, whether you’re a pro fighter, football player, sprinter, or you simply workout to stay healthy and in shape, there are 3 additional reasons why Olympic lifting should be a mainstay in your program.

Olympic Lifting Benefit #1
– Wake Up “DEAD” Muscle Fibers

Years ago, before I focused on training pro fighters, I had a personal training client who was a recreational marathon runner. After months of strength training, I decided to introduce him to the O-lifts to progress his program and keep the workouts interesting and fun.

But because he’d always trained to be slow, he had a hell of a time learning the lifts. He was frustrated with his lack of progress.

So I asked him to stop his marathon running for 4 weeks.

We went back and forth on the issue, but I eventually convinced him to give it a shot.

After the 3rd week, he finally started to perform the lifts with proper form and speed. He was by no means an explosive fireball yet, but there was  finally some progress.

Why did this happen?

Removing the marathon training allowed him to tap  into his “high-threshold motor units” and muscle fibers.

Right now, even if you lift weights, each of the muscles in your body has a pool of DEAD muscle fibers.

Up to 30% of the fibers in any muscle are sitting there, untapped. Your body will only use these fibers when speed and power are needed.

The key to activating these high-threshold motor units is by firing up your nervous system to perform  movements that are fast and explosive.

The Olympic lifts are hands down the best choice for this job, as is literally impossible to do them  slowly.

As your form and technique with the O-lifts improves, you know you’re tapping into muscle fibers that you never used before.

Essentially, you’re resurrecting  dead muscle fibers and improving your speed and power in the process.

Olympic Lifting Benefit #2
– Increased Functional Range of Motion

First, look at the range of motion of the Deadlift:

Deadlift ROM

Now, look at the range of motion of the Snatch, one of the 2 main O-lifts:

Snatch ROM

Instead of simply lifting the bar from the floor to mid-thigh, you’re lifting the bar from the floor to over your head in one fell swoop, then standing up with it in the overhead position.

It takes tremendous strength, power and flexibility to be able to perform the Snatch, but not only that…

Performing the Olympic Lifts is the BEST way to develop strength AND flexibility at the same time.

So you’re not just stretching, but you’re developing flexibility that you can use… FUNCTIONAL flexibility.

The O-lifts are also a good way to assess your current level of functional flexibility. Progress in the lifts means you’re improving your functional flexibility.

If you don’t have the range of motion to do the lifts properly right now, I’m going to show you a few key exercises to remove any restrictions you currently have in a second. For now, let’s get to the final reason why you want to start incorporating the Olympic lifts into your routine.

Olympic Lifting Benefit #3
– Stoke Your Metabolism for Rapid Fat Loss

Whether you’re an athlete or you just want to look like one, staying lean is probably one of your priorities.

For athletes, fat slows you down. It doesn’t contribute to movement so it’s just dead weight that you’ve got to carry around. You want to be lean and mean.

If you train for health and fitness, you probably don’t want to spend hours and hours in the gym but still have people wondering whether you workout or not. That doesn’t feel good.

And what guy wouldn’t enjoy catching sideways glances from girls at the beach when you take off your shirt, or even a girl straight up OGLING you?

I know it makes me feel good when it happens and Olympic lifting can help you with these things too for 2 reasons:

1) You’re waking up dead muscle fibers

2) You’re moving a significant weight through a large range of motion

When you combine these two things like with the O-lifts, you’re activating more muscle than any other exercise you can do.

The more muscle you use, the more energy you use, the higher your metabolism.

The higher your metabolism, the more fat you burn.

It’s that simple.

And staying lean and burning fat can be that simple too.

All you’ve got to do is learn how to perform these lifts without injuring yourself…

Before I show you what you need to be doing to quickly master the most explosive lifts in existence, if you don’t know how to perform these moves yet, it’s not your fault.

Until now, there hasn’t been a single resource that outlined an easy to follow, step-by-step process of how to perform these highly technical lifts.

A resource that shows you only what you need to master the movements and remove your restrictions and no more.

A lot of the books and DVDs are filled with info and facts that lead to confusion and information overload.

I know – because I’ve gone through the resources out there and I know that if I gave them to one of my fighters, they’d be totally lost.

But for those who want to learn the lifts and make sure that they’re learning everything they need to know, I’ve created a simple, step-by-step program that will quickly have you lifting in perfect technique.

Introducing the…


Olympic Lifting Mastery Course

My athletes often tell me that I make things easy to understand for them and in this course, I’ve dissected the complex Olympic lifts and I give you a simple program to follow that will put the lifts back together, piece by piece until you’re fully confident in your technique.

Instead of a long description, watch the video below for a preview of the program and to see what’s included:


Any athlete wanting the fastest means possible of developing explosive power or fitness buff who knows the benefits of the Olympic Lifts: the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, and wants to quickly master these highly technical exercise with flawless technique.


There are 5 components of this course that work synergistically to help you master the Olympic lifts in record time:

  • Component #1 – Mobility and Strength Assessment: after performing these assessments you’ll pinpoint exactly where to start to get on your way to being an Olympic lifter
  • Component #2 – Corrective Mobility Warmup: this dynamic warmup includes the best exercises to fix all of the common areas of restriction that prevent you from proper execution of the lifts
  • Component #3 – BIOMECH BREAKDOWN: I analyze and breakdown each phase of the lift in easy to understand language so you can fully visualize exactly how the lifts are to be performed
  • Component #4 – Rapid Mastery Training Sequence: this is where the rubber meets the road and you progress through 4 distinct phases of training on your way to mastery of the world’s most explosive lifts – no filler and no fluff – just everything you need to know to start lifting properly
  • Component #5 – Over 1 hour of high quality, detailed instructional exercise videos so you can see exactly how everything is to be performed

With these 5 components, you can expect to master the lifts, not just be able to do something resembling the lifts, in just 3 short weeks even if you’ve got the mobility of a walrus right now.

And that’s not all..

Inside the Olympic Lifting Mastery Course, you’ll also discover:

  • The most common errors made when beginners try to learn the lifts on their own… that could lead to serious injuries!
  • How strong you really need to be in the Olympic lifts when compared to your 3 rep-max Back Squat so you don’t waste your time working on strength when you should be training POWER and vice versa
  • Relative strength guidelines for all of the major lifts – all weight-class athletes must know these guidelines!
  • A simple and effective 3 day/week workout that includes all of the major movement patterns and the Olympic lifts for balanced power and strength development

There’s probably more but I think you realize by now that if you’ve ever wanted to learn the Olympic lifts, you could either spend a few hundred bucks on a workshop or personal training sessions, or get this course today.

That’s the Olympic Lifting Mastery Course in a nutshell.

And I want to make this affordable to anyone who wants to elevate their training to the next level.

So instead of having to go to spend a few hundred bucks and a weekend at a workshop, or hiring a trainer at $60 per session or more, I’ve decided to price this course just under the cost of 1 personal training session.

Instant Access for Only $57

NOTE: this is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores; you can only access it through this website.

This course is for anyone who wants an easy blueprint to mastering the most effective exercises for building explosive power.

If you’re already pulling big weights with perfect form in the Olympic lifts, you probably don’t need this.

But if you’re unsure about your technique or you’re new to the lifts, you’ll be confident in your technique after following this course.

The difference with this course and others is that I’ve eliminated all of the “fluff” and put everything together in a format that ANYONE can follow. Like I said, I train MMA fighters for a living and they don’t get paid based on their IQ, so over the years I’ve learned how to create easy-to-follow programs and explain things in simple language that anyone can understand.

Order Now at Zero Risk – You’re Backed By My Industry

If you’re not confident in your Olympic lifting technique after following the program, whether you start now or a year from now, just email me and you’ll receive all of your money back.

I am 100% confident that this is the fastest and easiest approach to mastering the Olympic lifts and being on your way to building explosive power and improving your athleticism.

In the event that you don’t get the explosiveness in this time period and are well on your way to Olympic lifting mastery, you will receive all your money back, period.

How Long Do You Plan On Lifting Weights?

If you said, “for life” then do you plan on doing the same exercises over and over for the next 20, 30 or even 40 years?

I know I don’t. I wouldn’t be able to stand the boredom!

The Olympic lifts add something more to your workouts – it’s not just the explosive power and athleticism – it’s also the psychological satisfaction knowing that you’re doing things that 99% of people don’t have the balls to even try.

You also develop an enhanced capacity for mental focus as thinking about your technique and then actually doing it stimulates your brain as much as your body.

If you haven’t started Olympic lifting yet, there’s no better time than now. Let me show you the quickest path from total beginner to expert.

Olympic Lifting Mastery Course

Here’s to mastering the world’s most explosive exercises!

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach

P.S. The Olympic Lifting Mastery Course doesn’t just include a simple step-by-step program to mastering the lifts, it also includes highly targeted exercises to fix mobility problems that might be preventing you from performing the lifts correctly. So if you think your body isn’t ready for these exercises – it will be after you implement these simple corrective exercises.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that you’ve got a full 60 days to try the Olympic Lifting Mastery Course and if you’re not confidently pulling off the Clean and Jerk and Snatch in that time, just email me and I’ll give you your money back, no hassles. Click here to Grab it RISK-FREE today.

P.P.P.S. As a BONUS, you’ll be a badass in the gym doing these lifts while everyone else messes around on the Leg Extension or doing Bicep Curls.

So if you’re at all interested in reaching your performance and physique potential and you’re not Olympic lifting, now’s the time to start: