Olympic Lifting for MMA Webinar

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Reviews (15 comments so far)

  1. Steve

    Good presentation maybe next time you can demonstrate live! But great information like always. Thanks.


  2. Shabir

    Excellent content!

    Presentation well paced and very clear. Additional information throughout was an added bonus..Eric is filled with Knowledge!!

    Thanks Eric!!


  3. Ravindra Kharmai

    Thanks – good explanation of the mechanics of this exercise.


  4. Danavir

    Great stuff. Never knew olympic lifting was that technical! It was a great webinar and will continue to see any more you have in the future!


  5. Patrick

    Great stuff. A lot of small things I never thuoght about regarding these lifts. I especially like how you targetted the positioning and/or angle of elbows and feet. That’s so easy to miss out on when you’re new to an exercise.


  6. Stevo

    Thanks Eric. I appreciate the effort you put in to your presentation. It was detailed enough without being overly detailed in a way that would have been cumbersome.

    Nice recovery from the glitches at the beginning – it felt like we were on the frontier of elearning.

    I would like to learn about specific stretches and prep exercises for the O lifts.

    Gotta go. My wife needs to finish her homework.

    Thanks again!


  7. Beau

    very informative.. would like to see a S&C program with O lifts incorporated in it.


  8. As always, great job! I didn’t quite catch your answer about incorporating the lifts in a program. You were using squats and maximal strength as an example and where the OL would fit. The snatch is on e of the OL’s I am having difficulty with myself, so this really helped!


  9. Hye Eric,

    thanks for the replay – missed the initial webinar. Good stuff something I have been looking into myself so really enjoyed the deconstruction/instruction vid – very cool supplying a pdf as well

    thanks man!


  10. Ross White

    Another great post form you eric, informative and clear as your posts always are. I tend to steer clear of the snatch as i’ve never been able to get get it right. With this info that might just change. Cant wait to see the other posts reagrding the cleab & jerk. One question though whats the difference between the powr snatch and snatch and is on more benficial than the other? I only ask as you mentioned your demo was more like a power snatch?

    Also would you consider doing similar stuff on these lifts, push press, jerk press and the thruster?

    Thanks again.

    Ross White


    admin Reply:

    Hey Ross, I think I might do something for the Clean and Jerk… will be a bit later because I want to follow up about the Snatch with the next couple of blog posts. But keep an eye out for it!


    Ross White Reply:

    Hey Eric, That would be awesome, as I see so many people attempting these lifts and getting them wrong in the process, myself included. So it would be great to see what you come up with. Another question, would you say the santch from the floor is more benificial than the hang variation or vice versa? Also I would reccomend this book (if you dont have it already) as I found it very useful for me and my sport/s, it’s called Explosive Lifting for Sports, by Harvey Newton. Any reccommendations from yourself as I am starting to go down the S&C parth.

    Thanks again,

    Ross White


  11. Rob

    Great presentation. I would be interested to hear about the progression you would use to teach this to someone who has never done these lifts i.e. hip hinge, shoulder pack etc.


  12. Pat Chan

    Hi Eric,
    I’m having difficulty viewing this. When I click on it, I get the “time passing” rotating wheel thingy. Does it take a long time to download (e.g. more than 5 mintues)? I have broadband so it should be quick…


    admin Reply:

    It was the uStream server… should be working OK now!



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